Cyber Crime Insurance

Cyber Crime is quickly becoming a major concern.

Attorneys, Title Agents, Real Estate Agents, Settlement Agents, and many more professions are increasing at risk Any business that holds client's money, or any business or Professional that is involved in any type of fund transfers may be at risk.

  • Cyber Liability Insurance is a new a rapidly growing field. It's important to know the differences in the risks and the types of coverage involved.
  • Most cyber liability policies only cover breach response. This is the cost of notifying your clients and taking action in the event that their information has been exposed.
  • Many cyber liability policies only cover 1st party liability. In other words, if your money is at risk, this type of policy will cover your loss, and your loss only.
  • It's important to protect your clients money also. 3rd party liability is very important.

Here's a scenario that is becoming alarmingly common:

A hacker breaks into the email of an Attorney or Title Agent. The hacker sends an email from the Attorney's email account to a client instructing them to wire funds. Sometimes, your client, believing that the email came from their Attorney or Title company, wires the funds to a fraudulent account.


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